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We are highly flexible and responsible with our partners and very swift into actions and solutions.




To assist in expanding the opportunities of the financial and banking markets, acting as a reliable and flexible partner in the financial world.


To ensure harmonious relationship between financial institutions, business environment and international financial partners worldwide.


We are confident that in order to build sustainable businesses it is crucial to manage social performance in the same way as one manages financial performance. This business approach can enable institutions to better understand the needs of their clients which in its turn will lead to increased business performance. At SMARTJUMP we not only want to ensure the best possible financial solutions to our clients from both investment and debt side but also work hard to help to create added value through assistance in the implementation of durable social, environmental and governance practices.

Our Approach

Day after day we commit to be a reliable intermediary for successful investments with impact and returns: this is our promise to our Clients & Partners. In all investment moderation processes at SMARTJUMP we help to match investors to investees that aim for an appropriate balance between social, environmental and commercial goals. We want to help the investees to develop a realistic impact strategy where they positively and sustainably impact the lives of their end customers.

We assist our Clients to ensure mutually beneficial investments from wide network of financial institutions.