Business Financing Products


We work hard to find the best fit for our client banks and microfinance institutions in their search for equity investors. Prior to looking for an equity investor we perform initial screening of the company and help it prepare for the further checks by a potentially new counterparty. Here we connect the expectations of the client financial institutions to the visions of potential equity investors. Equity investment can be preceded by a debt investment deal, carefully lead by SMARTJUMP team. A new equity investor being a development institution or a fund, can add value to the client institution through sharing its goals and missions and offering technical and practical expertise.

Syndicated Loan

We connect needs of borrowers with possibilities of two or group of lenders participating in syndicate who work together to provide funds for a single borrower.

Syndicated loan can be provided to the financial institution or directly to the individual Client. Syndicated loan is often used in corporate financing for reasons such as funding for mergers, acquisitions, buyouts, and other capital projects. The main reason of such investment is that as usual large amount exceeding one lender’s lending capacity and applying to SMARTJUMP is best way to get flexible solutions for your business.

The main reason of such investment is that as usual large amount exceeding one lender’s lending capacity and applying to SMARTJUMP is best way to get flexible solutions for your business.

SME Finance

SMARTJUMP Agency is a responsible and experienced company with ability to collect best offers from international financial institutions for funding small and medium-sized enterprises. SME finance is one of the most requested loans among Armenian Banks and UCOs which are aimed to work with the private sector to increase the opportunities of Armenian market and create added value to small and medium enterprises. Offers can be collected not only for Financial institutions in Armenia but also for individual Clients. Offers are sorted by type of interests, currency, maturity and other classifications based on your needs.

Micro Finance

SMARTJUMP is an agency with huge experience of funds attraction aimed at one of the most important sectors in Armenia – Micro sector which creates workplaces and generates income for low-income communities. SMARTJUMP works to increase connections between international financial institutions and Armenian market and also works to build capacity of awareness based on best banking practices. Thanks to our network we are ready to introduce international experience of leading IFI’s and funds through their technical assistance if necessary.

Trade Finance

Considering the existing competition in the local and international business environment and short-term financing needs for trade transactions, SMARTJUMP offers trade finance tools for letters of credit, factoring, import and export loans, as well as pre-export financing. Trade finance instruments make import and export transactions possible for financial institutions, companies ranging from a small business importing its first order from overseas, to multi-national entities importing or exporting large amounts of products around the world, as well as service providers.

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Financing

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy is one of the most demanded areas for investments worldwide as cutting costs and conserving resources are top priority for every company, big or small. Reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions through energy efficient investments in Armenian market will ensure added value to financial institutions and private sector. SMARTJUMP can help institutional and private Clients to get targeted financing with attractive terms. Tailor made advice and technical assistance can be offered for more efficient allocation of funds.


Investing in sustainability of future generations is crucial, be it education, housing or a vehicle. To support financing of the youth, SMARTJUMP can offer tailored facilities for financial institutions to channel those for youth credits. Youth lending provides a good entry point for the unbanked into the formal financial sector.


SMARTJUMP can assist you offering financing for agricultural purposes including financing adapted for specific financial needs of value chain financing as well as individual farmers linked to planting, harvesting and marketing cycles. Financing can be both short-term for financing of operating expenses, and longer term for farm machinery. We can also help to evaluate the individual needs of agribusiness clients and customize the best financing solutions to meet those. You can count on personalized and quick response to ensure high level of customer service.

Women Entrepreneurs

Businesses led by women entrepreneurs are nowadays a significant part of economy in any country, nevertheless women might face challenging barriers that make it difficult to access loans from banks; those need to be overcome to ensure women are accessing individual loans. SMATRJUMP can offer targeted funding lines to be extended to businesswomen for establishment of new business and/or development of existing business, as well as for working capital.


Financial products such as housing loans are vital to help people and businesses build assets, increase income and reduce their vulnerability to economic stress. To help fill the financing shortfall in the housing area and to help improve the livelihoods, SMARTJUMP offers finance to channel it through financial institutions to boost mortgage markets and increase access to finance for property construction and mortgages, using global best practices.